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Which Transformer Are You?

By Azar Gto in QuizCars

Take the quiz below to see which Transformer you would be? Are you ready? Take these 3 questions !

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Funny Photos of Animals in Cars with That Will Make You Laugh So Hard. When animals act like people, everybody wins

By Marie Olsen in carsfunny

Transportation of pets in the car – at first glance, nothing complicated: planted a dog or cat on the seat next to him and drove off. But no. Often animals do not sit still, run around the cabin, and can distract the driver from the road. Moreover, it is not uncommon for accidents to occur due to the fact that the driver was prevented by a dog or a cat that climbed under the pedals.

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Can I guess your guilty pleasure car?

By Marie Olsen in QuizCars

Do you think we can guess what your guilty pleasure car? Are you scared we’ll get it right? Take these 3 questions and find out just how good we are!